Check out our review from a wedding we played at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club!


Phil Jacoby is the best when it comes to maintaining instruments! Phil attended Luthier school and worked for Paul Reed Smith on the Eastern Shore of Maryland! He is a busy man – you’ll have to make an appointment! (410) 783-0260


Reverend Sammie Glass is a local Clinton, Maryland pastor who loves music and has revolutionized new lightweight Bass cabinets. I call his 212 cabinet an awesome innovation. You will be hearing more about what I call his “GLASSTONE POWERPORT 212 cabinet.”  This cabinet features light Neodyme speakers in a cabinet Sammie designed that is Thunder,  Lightning and the whole storm in a small box that weighs only 32lbs! A bass Players dream! Sammie also produces some very nice exotic wood jazz basses that are very impressive too. He’s also as nice a man as the day is long!


Tom McCabe’s main workhorse (bass) is a Ken Smith BSRJ-5 string bass that he’s been playing with ATG since July 2000! He also owns a Black Tiger BTN-5 that he calls his “Cadillac!” He will tell you Ken Smith makes one of the best if not the best on the market. He is listed on the “Artist’s and Musicians” page of Ken Smith’s Official website! – He says “Try one you won’t be dissapointed!”


Former Against the Grain guitarist (and original MANNEKIN) Eric Conn has some of his covers and personal recordings here!


The Proffesor Mac Walter has recorded ATG DEMOS in his recording studio. He maintains a steady enrollment of students for one on one lessons  (410) 719-0607 !
You may also find Mac showing off his smoking guitar leads with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and O’ Malley’s March!


Mr Bass guitar - Stu Hamm! If you interested in Bass guitar! Check out Stu! He is always travelling around the world doing clinics for Washburn and Hartke or touring with Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale or other world famous musicians or bassist: BX3 ! I have been fortunate enough to become friends with him and consider myself very lucky!


Mike Hickey is a smoking metal shredding guitarist who helped me meet and hang with one of my favorite bassist: Tom “T-BONE” Wolk from Hall & Oates band. Unfortunately we lost T-Bone on Feb 28, 2010. I’m sure he is laying down some bass lines with the man upstairs R.I.P.